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In the basics of the blues progression is covered along with the shuffle groove, turnarounds, pentatonic scales and song examples. Add a little bit of spice to the 12 bar blues on ukulele with these simple to. In this lesson, we are going to look at the 12 bar blues, which is a popular chord progression used in countless songs. Jul 27, 2016 12 bar blues ukulele chord progression in c. This 36 page ukulele blues method book covers the basics of the blues for the standard tuned ukulele gcea. The video is meant to be watched in the context of the lesson, so if youre confused at all, head over to ukulele. Once you learn the blues changes, you have the skill to play all these songs. Posted in 12 bar, beginners tips, blues charts, blues uke, songs, tabs, ukelectix charts posted on may 11, 2016 by site admin hi folks, a reminder that there is no beginners uke this week as the ukelectics have a recording session on this wednesday nighti know, rock stars right. Its very simple to learn, give it a go click to open the pdf file.

Click download or read now button to sign up and downloadread easy ukulele songs pdf books. Ukulele tricks is a useful site to pick up some free lessons and resources but they do offer paid lessons if you want to get access to more advanced techniques all in one place. You can make a wonderful noise however good, or bad a player you are. So in this tutorial were gonna look at some very useful strumming patterns that youre gonna use again and again when you play the blues. How to play the 12bar blues on ukulele ukulele tricks. Ukulele blues tutorial how to play the 12 bar blues ukulele. Welcome to the happy ukulele songbook this songbook contains 52 of my favorite songs for the uke, from beginner to intermediate level, gathered over the past couple years since learning to play this magical instrument.

Blues is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of music to come out of america. Youll love our easy ukulele blues scale and chords. Lets start by looking at a simple 12 bar blues in a. In this lesson, we will be learning 2 rhythms for a 12 bar blues in the key of a. Videos 12 bar blues how to play the 12 bar blues progression in any key. Ukulele blues tutorial how to play the 12 bar blues 21 songs in 6 days. The 12bar blues or blues changes is one of the most prominent chord progressions in.

Ukutabs is your true source to find chords and tabs for all of your favorite songs. The result can be pleasing to the ear, and can even push the envelope for ukers, creating new styles and sounds in the process. The pattern the chords are played in, goes like this. We will also explore the minor blues scale and look at how its a perfect fit for the 12 bar blues chord progression. Ukulele scales and modes by 7 mustknow ukulele scales in standard tuning gcea. Following his great debut post on spicing up simple chords, steve.

This particular tutorial provides a detailed, stepbystep overview of how to play a simple g blues shuffle pattern. From uke minutes 51 blues ukulele chords, you know that if you make the 1, 4, and 5 chords of any major key into 7th chords, youve got the basic chords for blues. In this technique lesson lenny teaches you how to play a 12 bar traditional blues progression. Understanding the 12 bar blues form rock class 101. We are constantly improving the quality and accuracy of our song sheets with timing dots, measure bars, tablature, etc. The simplicity of blues is what draws people to it. Below is the lesson for beginner blues strumming by rock class 101. The ability to play simple bar chords or be willing to try is all that is necessary. This is part of the tutorial easy blues licks for ukulele play along this easy blues in c you can use the blues licks in the earlier posts its the classic 12 bar pattern with turnaround chords. Adding to your already awesome arsenal of ukulele blues techniques, today we break down for you the basic format for a 12bar blues progression. Here thanks to are the notes of the blues scale in a all the way up the neck of the uke. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. Written in standard music notation and tablature, youll learn blues form, 12 bar blues, blues shuffle rhythm, 8 bar blues shuffle, the secret method of jamming, how to bend the notes, blues scales in different keys, minor blues, blues. Examining the 12bar blues pattern if youve ever spent any time around a serious blues musician or music aficionado, youve probably heard the phrase 12 bar blues tossed about.

The 12 bar blues and the minor blues scale online guitar. They say you cant play blues on a ukulele, but there they are wrong, you went away and this is all i play, my ukulele sad song they say you cant cry and play a ukulele, well what do they know. A bar is a musical phrase, a way of measuring the music against its rhythm, and blues songs are structured in a 12 bar. How to play a g blues pattern on the ukulele wonderhowto. Blues ukulele is a collection of 16 blues standards arranged for the ukulele by fred sokolow. Ukulele jam in historic lower mills seventh theme 12 bar blues jam wednesday 18th april 2018 doors open 6. This is part of the tutorial easy blues licks for ukulele tabs for 5 blueslicks on one sheet pdf the blues licks of the earlier posts played in a 12 bar pattern.

This book is not generally for beginning ukulele players unless they have previous guitar experience. T he sjuc song book consists of sjuc formatted song sheets. Ukulele rebel urban spaceman under the boardwalk uptown top ranking v valerie w wagon wheel waltzing matilda whiskey in the jar wild rover wild side of life x y you are my sunshine z 12 bar blues workout some suggested song introductions many ukulele clubs have produced song books, links to a selection are given below. Enjoy your playing and learning as you work your way through teaching book. Playalong 12 bar blues pattern c with ukulele uke4u. If you like our song sheets and use them for personal enjoyment or in your own ukulele clubs, let us know. Now for a 12bar blues, well use those chords in a specific patern. Pdf easy ukulele songs pdf download read online free. The blues has arguably been one of the most influential genres of music in the past century. Add a little bit of spice to the 12 bar blues on ukulele with these simple to learn.

On this site, run by friendly fred, there is an excellent blog post showing you how to play some easy ukulele blues licks, including some in a 12 bar. In this video, i introduce the 12 bar blues and some variations of it on ukulele. David bruce has a growing reputation as a composer, with commissions from carnegie hall. Online magazine by mel bay, a publisher of ukulele books. I start to strum, and soon the tears will come and then the blues just follow. The 12 bar blues in c tutorial sweet home chicago the 12 bar blues in g tutorial gulf coast blues the 12 bar blues in d tutorial st. With only 3 chords in a 12 bar blues, it has the power to move you. Because the ukulele and guitar have so much in common, uke players like me, who started on guitar, are inclined to adapt their guitar skills to the uke. Most american popular music grew out of the 12bar blues.

Learn the ukulele 12 bar blues 21 ukulele songs ukulele. Although blues music has evolved over time, a fundamental chord progression called the 12 bar blues still lives on. Blues music paved the way for many other genres of music we know and love. And visit our website for more great ukulele lessons, tabs, and a. The first one gives you lyrics, melody and uke chord grids to strum while singing.

In this video lesson, i show you some examples of the 12bar blues on ukulele. I play clarinet at a little bar on high street, a block north of the ohio. There are three chords commonly used in this pattern. Goode, rock around the clock, aint nothin but a hound dog were blues songs. Per 15126 whoopee makers st louis bluesbugle call rag n12 har. Heres an example 12 bar blues chord progression for you to print out and try. This book and audio package is solely devoted to providing you with all the technical tools necessary for playing 12 bar blues with authority. Fortunately, the internet is awash in free, highquality uke lessons, like this one from youtubes preeminent tropical tutor, ukulele mike.

The term 12 bar blues has become synonymous with blues music and is the basis for an incredible body of jazz, rock n roll, and other forms of popular music. It is a structure which turns up again and again, in hundreds of songs, and by its definition, involves a lot of the same chords over and over perfect for spicing up. In todays lesson, we are going to take an indepth look at how the form, or structure, of a blues chord progression is made. Posted on february 12, 2014 by marklele 12 bar blues is such a joy to play on the ukulele. You can find all blues ukulele songs on ukutabs right here on this page, ordered by popularity. Its important to have a solid vocabulary of chords, riffs and left hand tricks, but its just as important to have a strong rhythmic feel and some good right hand chops. Once you complete these twelve bars, you repeat the entire form. The 12 bar blues is one of the most popular chord progressions in all of music.

One place where it really works is in a 12 bar blues. The happy ukulele songbook not your daddys ukulele. It sounds more deliberate, rather than just bluffing. Ukulele players all over the world have direct access to ukutabs its large and completely free song archive which is constantly being updated with new songs. Theres something compositionally elegant, too, about book ending a song in this way.

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