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And the prophecies they reveal and ancient book of daniel as well as ancient prophecies revealed. Verse can only refer to the father because, of course, the son of man who camebefore him is christ. God is referenced as the ancient of days three times in the book of daniel, chapter seven. Daniel and his godfearing friends were forced to live in babylon, far from home and far from the land their lord had promised them. Christian faith and living unit 7 study set flashcards. The phrase you are referring to, the ancient of days, only occurs three times in the entire bible. The title ancient of days is from the old testament prophetic book of daniel. I knew it meant god, but i really didnt know any more about it until i got to todays scripture. Its to know the same prophecies in the book of daniel. Is this sole writer the prophet daniel who composed the work during the exile 586536 b. Daniel 2, 7, 9, 12 the coming of messiah the prince. The identity of the ancient of days is an interesting question.

The ancient of days reigns daniel 7 john macarthur. If you are a serious student of the prophesies of the bible, you might also want to read his book ancient messianic festivals. A stream of fire issued and came out from before him. The offspring of these unions between the sons of god and. A careful study of the text helps reveal the identity of this supernatural being. The god of israel is consistently called the most high god in the book of daniel. His outstretched hand holds a compass over the darker void below. As was typical in the ancient near east, nebuchadnezzar made sure to take vengeance on the gods or, in this case, god of the vanquished nation by plundering the temple and employing its former treasures to decorate the house of his own god dan. Rest of the beasts lose their dominion but they receive an extension of time until their appointed time arrives d.

If they are assumed to be fallen angels in christian circles, there is a debate between different interpretations of genesis 6. The scriptures from these two books of the bible compliment each other. The assyrian periodwill be briefly examinedin order toreveal babylons rise topower,for it was inthe p ower struggle betweenassyria andbabylon that judahandhence daniel became involved. Most of the eastern church fathers who comment on the passage in daniel 7. Daniel 7 niv bible in the first year of belshazzar king. Taken into slavery after the fall of jerusalem in 605 b. We discover precisely 14,000 days from palm sunday to the. Consider the following and you will notice that this title positively refers to both the father and christ. These dreams were pictures of eyes like a man in daniel ephesians eyes equal understanding or wisdom.

All these occurrences show up in the book of daniel, the seventh chapter, in verses 9, and 22. The book of daniel is followed by the prophet hosea, the first of the prophets in the book of the twelve. The hero of the book of daniel in the ketuvim section of the bible is one of the jews exiled in babylonia, a soothsayer at the babylonian court under nebuchadnezzar who died in 562 b. Finally, the book of revelation gives clues as to the true identify of the ancient of days. They havent got the worldwide scope, the idea of a totally transformed world, which you get in the book of daniel, and which is passed on, of course, to the book of revelation, and which is. Daniel thewas prophet to the gentiles for the gentiles. This passage from daniel tells about, and actually describes, the ancient of days. The specific term, ancient of days, is used in daniel 7. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire. Title daniel is the author and chief character author daniel means god is my judge. The book of daniel is counted as a prophetical book in our english bibles, but in the jewish scriptures it is among the writings. This man is given authority, glory and sovereign power verse 14, and all the nations of earth worship him.

This book takes its name not from the author, who is actually unknown, but from its hero, who was allegedly among the first jews deported to babylon, where he lived at least until 538 b. His garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head was like pure wool. The ancient hebrew prophet daniel lived in the fifth century bc and accurately predicted the history of the nation of israel from 536 bc to ad 1948. He approached the ancient of days and was led into his presence daniel 7. In the book of daniel, the ancient of days is mentioned. Pdf the son of man and the ancient of days observations on the. More insights from your bible study get started with logos bible. The book of daniel, a book of the old testament found in the ketuvim writings, the third section of the jewish canon, but placed among the prophets in the christian canon. This vision is a messianic prophecy in which the ancient of days specifically represents god the father and the one like a son of man is god the son, jesus christ. And jacob said unto pharaoh, the days of the years of my pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years. The surrounding verses provide some clues, using such terms as the court and judgment. Nigro the dream of king nebuchadnezzar the first kingdom is king nebuchadnezzars own kingdom of babylon for, daniel is told, the god of heaven has given nebuchadnezzar a kingdom, power, strength, and glory v.

Twice, in two different visions in the book of daniel the question is asked, how long daniel 12. These kingdoms are finally overthrown when the ancient of days sits in judgment over them on his glorious throne and gives dominion and an eternal kingdom to one like a son of man whom all peoples are to serve or worship. The book of daniel is the book of revelation in the old testament because it is an excellent prediction of the coming of jesus christ, the messiah and the triumph of his messianic kingdom. According to the international standard bible encyclopedia, the expression is used in reference to god in daniel 7. Ancient book of daniel kindle edition by ken johnson. Also, the daily, is spoken of as being taken away and the abomination that brings desolation being set up in its place.

Sep 16, 2014 the book of daniel contributes to the bibles unfolding redemptivehistorical storyline. Surrounding him are 12 judges and thousands and thousands of angels. Later in the book, daniel prophesied of terrible trials still to come in the promised land daniel 11. The book of daniel is often read for its contribution to our understanding of endtimes events, but sometimes christians have been so obsessed with this that we have missed its main message. I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the ancient of days, and they brought him near before him psalm 90. Chapter 47 late 3rdearly 4th century and augustines on the trinity book 2. Verse 9, we have always taught, probably refers to christ, because this is an ancient of days that did sit at a time when other thrones were cast down put in place, nkjv. What did daniels vision represent, and what does it mean for us today. The book of daniel records the actions, prophecies, and visions of the prophet daniel.

The prophet daniel is one of four major prophets in hebrew scripture, along with isaiah, jeremiah, and ezekiel. Jan 02, 2020 god is a triune god, meaning three persons in one, and at different times ancient of days refers to jesus christ and at other times, to god the father. Experience daniels vision of god, the ancient of days, on his throne of judgement. The ancient of days is a figure in one of daniel s visions that unquestionably represents god. Strictly speaking, the book does not belong to the prophetic writings but rather to a distinctive type of literature known as apocalyptic, of which it is an early specimen. The son of man and the ancient of days observations on the early. Once it is admitted that the book of daniel is the work of one single author, there naturally arises the important question. Attacks against the book of daniel daniel is the most. Jan 02, 2020 daniel served in the royal court of nebuchadnezzar and several rulers who followed nebuchadnezzar. The ancient hebrew prophet daniel lived in the fifth century. But as jesus assured us in the gospel, we have no need to fear, because the ancient of days is going to sit in judgment, but as he does so we have confidence in the verdict. God is a triune god, meaning three persons in one, and at different times ancient of days refers to jesus christ and at other times, to god the father. Written in the midst of exile from the beginning of king nebuchadnezzars rule through the first year of king cyrus, who would release the captive people to return to jerusalem daniel is an old testament book that is moving betwixt and among various cultures, eras, rulers, and even languages in order to demonstrate that which.

Like a plug in an outlet, the book joins itself to the bibles broader narrative, and, as the currents course through, the light of revelation shines on the way things will go until god brings about the promised consummation see chapter 2. The book of daniel is an apocalypse, a literary genre in which a heavenly reality is revealed to a human recipient. This opening is followed by gods creative work in six days and rest on the. The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on the earth, different from all the. In addition, the captivating prophecy, imagery, and symbolism make the book of daniel one of the most read of hebrew scripture, our old testament of the bible. This prophecy aligns with jesus speaking in matthew 24, and the book of the revelation of jesus christ by the apostle john.

Daniel 7, a hotbed for eschatological theorizing, continues to baffle commentators, past and present. The nations of the earth, depicted earlier in daniel s vision as beasts. The book of daniel contains two types of literature. The book of daniel interprets the book of revelation. The first half of the book chapters 16 contains stories in the third person about the experiences of daniel and his. Vision of the ancient of days i watched till thrones were put in place, and the ancient of days was seated.

He is the god of heaven, whose kingdom will never be destroyed dan 2. When he wins as he does a whole lot, its a comefrombehind victory. The ancient of days god doesnt get any lines in the book of daniel, but hes the hidden master, pulling all the strings, controlling every event in the story as it moves along. The kingdom he rules is everlasting and indestructible. The widely held view that the book of daniel is largely fictional rests mainly on the modern philosophical assumption that longrange predictive prophecy is impossible. The ancient of days is a figure in one of daniels visions that unquestionably represents god. In the first year of belshazzar king of babylon, daniel had a dream, and visions passed through his mind as he was lying in bed. The solution to the identity of the ancient of days is in my opinion, one that is without controversy.

Start studying christian faith and living unit 7 study set. To really understand what is going on here in daniel s vision we need to backup just a little bit and get some context. Ancient of days sermon by shelly griffin, daniel 7. Father, the very last prophetic period presented to the prophet daniel was the 35 days.

Daniel chapter 2 daniel interprets king nebuchadnezzars dream of the statue daniel 2. In the book of daniel, the ancient of days is mentioned three times. This bible study is an attempt to compare certain verses in daniel with revelation, and by doing so, clearly show what they are teaching in order to shed more light on controversial teachings about the endtime that. The title ancient of days first appears in daniel 7. Who is the ancient of days referred to in daniel 7. Book of daniel overview insight for living ministries. The eighth chapter of daniel features an astounding vision of a male sheep and a male goat. The phrase ancient of days is unique to the book of daniel. End of days bible study of the prophet daniel by h.

But in the prophetic sense, it clearly refers to jesus, the ancient of days returning to pronounce judgment on the world daniel 7. The book of daniel is unsealed in the end time, daniel 12. Consider the description of the ancient of days in daniel 7. The book of daniel is unsealing middle east and prophecy. Biblical background in the book of daniel in the tanach bible old testament we read how god gave daniel the interpretation of dreams which king nebuchadnezzar had. A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him. One of the earliest patristic commentators on the book of daniel, hippolytus ca. The position of the book in the third part of the threefold division of the old testament canon laws and writings, shows that it was written too late to be placed in the collection of the prophets. It draws its name from one of gods titles in the book of daniel and shows urizen crouching in a circular design with a cloudlike background. God told daniel that those things would be sealed until this time of the end.

Daniel s visions interpreted 21 as i watched, this horn was waging war against the saints and prevailing against them, 22 until the ancient of days arrived and pronounced judgment in favor of the saints of the most high, and the time came for them to possess the kingdom. Though hes the secret wizard of oz behind the scenes, clicking the switches, god seems to hang back a little in this book. In my vision at night i looked, and there before me were the f. He received a doctorate in theology from the christian college of texas, texarkana tx, in 1989. The phrase ancient of days occurs three times in the bible, and all three references are found in chapter 7 of daniel verses 9, 22. Daniel 11 was sealed until the time of the end dan 12. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Lets ask god to help us, before beginning this lesson. The ancient of days reigns as i looked, thrones were placed, and the ancient of days took his seat. The term ancient of days is one i had heard before. Pastor robbins was born and raised in the oklahoma city area. The book of daniel in biblical theology andy naselli. Arguments for earlylate date of authorship of daniel.

This chapter documents a dream and visions that daniel received to show there would be four powerful human kingdoms followed by the kingdom of god verses 1, 1718. Ancient of days is a name for god found numerous times in the book of. In addition, some pseudo daniel compositions have emerged from authors who wished to imitate daniel, 32 along with imaginary compositions partially based on daniel. The book contains many examples of historical events that occurred long after the time of the traditional date for daniel. This parallels verse 22 almost exactly, with the other thrones being those of the saints. God is a triune god, meaning three persons in one, and at different times ancient of days refers to jesus christ. During the days of the old persian empire when israel was in captivity, the prophet daniel received many visions concerning his people and jerusalem and what would happen to israel in the times before the end. Quotation given in full when space permits corresponding quotations from daniel. Ken johnson is an author and lecturer who speaks on a variety of issues related to bible prophecy, ancient history, and the apostasy that will form in the church in the last days. The book was originally written in hebrew except daniel 2. Why was god called the ancient of days in the bible. God, the great judge on his throne with innumerable heavenly. It was the venerable appearance of old age that was uppermost in the writers mind.

He has shown king nebuchadnezzar what will happen in days to come. The vision of the four beasts came to daniel in the second year of nebuchadnezzars reign. This book of daniel highlights and aligns the prophecy of daniel to the historical facts and dates up to and beyond our present day, this proving the fulfilment of these prophecies. The ancient of days is a design by william blake, originally published as the frontispiece to the 1794 work europe a prophecy. Ezekielwas the prophet to the jews for the jews in captivity. The reason we divided this into 30 days and 15 days is because of the three feast days. Whatever the trial was, though, it was always the result of sin. Attacks against the book of daniel daniel is the most attacked book in the entire bible more than book of genesis more than book of the revelation but why do the critics of the bible find it necessary to attack this book. Daniel 7 describes a succession of kingdoms appearing as various beasts. The ancient of days is a figure in one of daniels visions that. Once again, their can be no mistake that christ is the reference. In todays excerpt from the most recent edition in the story of god bible commentary series, author wendy l. Does this description refer only to the father, or also to jesus christ.

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