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This type of media is used extensively throughout the chemical, food and beverage, mining, and pharmaceutical industries. Equivalent for epe hydraulic oil filter element suction. Vtefilter gmbh alle fi lter the next generation our scope of supply primary filter safety filter centrifugal filter paper inserts gaskets splitfi lter star pleated elements duplex filter filter elements for gensets l21 and l2738 saving money without en iso 9001. Ensure your engine or generator has a longer life and improved fuel economy by using the best filters and gauges available. The development, manufacturing and assembly of epe industrial filters and filter elements is performed within the guidelines of a certified quality management system according to din en iso 9001. Construction special star pleated filter media that is mounted on a perforated support tube. Warranties only apply to products selected according to the vehicle application listing. A basic introduction to filtersactive, passive, and switchedcapacitor national semiconductor application note 779 kerry lacanette april 21, 2010 1. Filter element characteristics use required oil clean recommended liness in accordance filter media with iso 4406 filtration grade nas 1638. Filter elements for epeindustrial filters application filtration of hydraulic fluids, lubricants, industrial liquids and gases. Rexroth filters and cleaning systems for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil applications ensure ideal operating conditions throughout the entire life cycle.

Depending upon filtration grade, the corresponding glass fibre filter media 1. Lube oilhydraulic oil filtration engine protection. About 56% of these are machine oil filter, 0% are air filter, and 2% are other industrial filtration equipment. Removes solid contaminants in gases as a prefilter or postfilter. All models include a fitting for a filter service indicator. Hydraulic oil cartridges filter, epe hydraulic filtration 2. The most important criteria for selection are the required degree of cleanliness of the operating medium, the initial pressure differential and the contamination retention capacity.

The filter element is the central component of industrial filters. Popular crossover filter elements bosch rexroth usa. Inline filters with filter element according to din 24550. Cross references are for illustration purposes only based on information available to swift filters, incactual replacement products and part numbers may vary. Universally applicable for for hydraulic and lubricating fluids, fuels, aqueous media and synthetic fluids. The sizing of the epe filter and filter element by means of the initial p or pressure drop can be easily carried out with the selection program epefilterselect, which is available on request. The operating fluid passes through the filter element and is thereby reliably relieved of solid particles and other fluids. Filter by sizedimensions wix filters, wix oil filters.

The 245len inline filter is suitable for inline installation. Products positioned to serve manufacturers and users of. The safety valves vs 224 are designed and manufactured by epe italiana. Killer filter products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and techniques on the market today. Leif low enviromental impact filter elements as standard. Additionally we provide fluid level gauges, breathers, suction strainers and portable filtration solutions.

Crimped filter elements eliminate epoxy construction for racing filters. Find the best quality duplex filter manufacture india with filter element, simplex filter, hydraulic filter, suction filter, inline filter, return line filters and hydro pneumatic accumulators. Power electronics is an enabling technology for almost all electrical applications. Our range of products include filter elements, duplex filters, bladder accumulators, suction filters, inline filters, hydraulic accumulators, rexroth. Basic introduction to filters active, passive, and. Choose the dust cup best suited to your maintenance practices. Rexroth filter elements are used for the filtration of pressure fluids, lubricants, industrial fluids, and gases. If a system fails, this is mostly caused by oil contamination. Filtration of hydraulic fluids, lubricants, industrial liquids and gases. Bypass valve only possible with size 0003 p bunan v viton e ethylenepropylene n neoprene 0 without 5 silicon free f ventilation. Builtin donaclone precleaning tubes separate up to 97% of incoming dust to the dust cup before it reaches the filter, resulting in more thorough cleaning and fewer filter changes. In case of filters with lowpressuredifferentialstable filter elements code letter pres. The actual filtration process takes part in the filter element.

The quality and performance can be guaranteed as original elements. New mahle premium select high performance and disposable filter elements with innovative construction. This book, the first undergraduate book to discuss this subject in a conceptual framework, provides comprehensive. Manufacturing hydraulic and lubricating oil filters and various elements since. All filtration elements are guaranteed to meet or surpass all specifications of the original equipment manufacture. Popular crossover filter elements rexroth bosch rexroth. The duplex filter consists of two or more filter housings that are connected by means of tube sockets via a switch housing with segment change over. Worldclass global research and development facilities. C0 standard materialz zinc free 0 without 7 3,5 bar for filter element. Filter system in view of the prolonged life and the wear protection of the systems.

Ma70523526 epe e 1561 rn 2 010 best price hannomat trd. Filter element pleated design with optimized pleat density and various filter media. Mart filters filtersoft filtracni prvek filtrec filtri filtroil finn 2018 uhi, ltd. Early power estimator for intel stratix 10 fpgas user guide. Inline and duplex medium pressure filter, filter elements designed according to din 24550 200 53 330 87 740 195 2000 528 3000 792 2400 634 3000 792 330 88 590 156 1200 315 330 88 80 1160 60 870. The applied filter elements and the filter media used in the filter elements determine the major filter characteristics such as re. Were now their largest stocking hydraulic distributor in the country. The filter media is a dutch weave 316 stainless steel screen which is resistant to high pressure.

Find the best quality duplex filter manufacture india with filter element, simplex. Ma70523526 epe e 1561 rn 2 010 powerful filter elements for almost all liquids. Rexroth crossover filter elements are designed to replace your existing products, even those manufactured by other companies. There are no express or implied warranties with respect to products selected by size, feature or cross reference. The cental components of any filter are the filter elements. Bladder accumulators liquid separator type asl and trans. As an experienced manufacturer, stauff provides quick and direct access to a complete range of replacement filter elements for industrial liquids such as hydraulic and lubrication oils, heavy fuels, water, chemicals and coolants equal in form and fit to the original products while maintaining or surpassing their performance. It is glued with a 2component adhesive in a longitudinal direction and with metal endcaps. It basically consists of filter head 1, a screwable filter bowl 2, filter element 3 as well as mechanical optical maintenance indicator 4. Dimensionalinormation model cartridgelength portsize dimensionsinches inches inches a b pdf4 4 1. Less space needed to accommodate the filter more compact solutions are possible as the filter element remains in the filter bowl during change of filter element. Epe strives to provide the best filters on the market, including the racor range.

Epe uk ltd specialises in providing filtration solutions for a large range of. China epe catalog of 25 micron epe hydraulic oil filter cartridge 2. For further detailed information please refer to our brochure filter elements. A range of filter elements including environmentally sound choices allowing highly customised solutions. The filter element is the most important component of the. Additionally, the pressure drop curves are shown in the filter catalogues.

With its square aperture, highflow through rate and relative open area, stainless steel wire mesh filters. The field is growing rapidly because electrical devices need electronic circuits to process their energy. With its square aperture, highflow through rate and relative open area, stainless steel. No product has been certified or warrantied for aviation use. Even the finest dust particles and other contaminants in compressed air and gases are being removed effectively on. Manufacturing hydraulic and lubricating oil filters and various elements since 1991. Filter element test epe filter elements are tested at our own test benches in accordance with various iso test standards. Equivalent for epe hydraulic oil filter element suction oil filter cartridge 2. Oil is the central component of every hydraulic system.

Expanded line of wind turbine filter elements for ge 1. The stauff replacement element program includes replacement elements for over 10. Filter element test epe filter elements are tested at our own. Air logic inline filters the filters are precision molded of polysulfone material. In 1988 we were appointed velcons industrial and electric utility distributor for the state of texas. The bespoke design prevents the use of pirate type alternatives.

It is therefore in the interest of anyone involved in electronic circuit design to have the. The filters are available in 5, 25, 43, or 73 microns. Al l hydraulic accumulators are pressure vessels and are subject to the national regulations and directives, valid at the place of installation. Epe hydraulic oil filter material the material that we offer in the epe 2. Arlon falk fbo fenner fiat filpro filt filter mart filter specialits filter. Hydraulic filter division europe distribution overview. Epe aquasorb filter elements, like the epe industrial filter elements, have a pleated design, but also have a non woven media type layer covered with a wateradsorbing substance in form of granulates. Filter elements consist of a combination of radially pleated filter media 3 which are laid around a perforated supporting tube 2. Stauff manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement filter elements for hydraulic and lubrication applications which are compatible with most of the common competitor products. Inagb features a bypass construction with low hysteresis. Duplex filter manufacture india simplex, inline, return.

The main filter variables, such as size range of particle retention, dirt holding capacity and pressure loss are determined by the filter elements and the filter media used to construct them, rexroth filter elements are. Rexroth filter elements are used for the filtration of hydraulic fluids in the hydraulic system as well as for the filtration of lubricants, industrial fluids and gases. Epe uk ltd specialises in providing filtration solutions for a large range of industrial, mobile, and process applications. The f950 series inline filter is available with barbs for 116 or 18 i.

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